Reputation Management

Cabify: Reputation Management


Cabify is a success story of a Spanish Start Up that has been placed on the global mobility map. Cabify competes with giants such as UBER, Lyft or DiDi, in a complex sector such as mobility and the digital economy.


In August 2018, we started supporting Cabify in a transformation of its corporate communication and managing the crisis generated following the conflict in Spain with the taxi group.



Since then, Cabify, its founder and CEO, Juan de Antonio, and the rest of the team have had a much more strategic media presence, better controlling the public agenda, and with a new corporate story, in whose construction we have also participated very actively.

As a result of this work, Cabify is changing its corporate profile and reinforcing itself as a Spanish company with a clear roadmap, which is none other than to be one of the main mobility communities in Spain and Latin America.

Our collaboration with Cabify is the best example of how to generate a relationship of trust and become our clients’ partners, integrating our work within the dynamics of the company itself and, in this way, adding value.