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360º communication of Phase II of the AIReF Spending Review




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In 2017, AIReF was mandated to carry out an in-depth review of spending in Spain, a process known in Europe as Spending Review. In July 2020, the Institution has begun the publication of two of the four studies (the other two will be presented in the autumn) that make up the second phase of the Spending Review and which represents more than 51,000 million euros per year, close to 4% of Spanish GDP. These studies focus on four areas:

  • 13 tax benefits in personal income tax, VAT, corporate tax and special taxes
  • National Health System (NHS) hospital expenditure on pharmacy and investment in equipment
  • 7 incentives for recruitment and self-employment
  • Transport infrastructure

From ViewPoint we have the task of publicizing and disseminating the results of these studies. To this end, we have developed a 360º communication strategy, that is to say, a comprehensive communication, to reach the most specialized public but also the population in general. In order to achieve this objective, it has been necessary to develop and disseminate content generated specifically for this purpose.

First of all, ViewPoint elaborated a visual and specific infographic that gathers in a single glance the object of each study, as well as the investment of each one of them. This material has been shared on the Institution’s Social Networks, where it has been very well received and shared, and also with the media, which has used it in some cases to illustrate the different news items published.

Another objective has been to explain through videos of only two minutes the content of each of the four studies of this Phase II of the Spending Review. In order to do so, it has been very important to write simple scripts, with an easy language, but at the same time focused on gathering the details. This work has been completed with the recording of resources and materials for subsequent editing and voice-over. Again, these materials have been very successful, adding a large number of visualizations on social networks.

Video 1: Tax Benefits

7.476 visualizations

This year, due to the extraordinary situation marked by the crisis of the COVID-19, we have had to work on the organization of press conferences via streaming and not in person, to publicize the results of the studies.

We must remember that in 2019, AIReF released the results of 7 studies, related to very important expenditure items, such as university scholarships, active employment policies or the postal service. From ViewPoint we also took on the challenge of disseminating this work through a specific communication strategy, which also included informative videos.


  • Design of a suitable strategy for the project
  • Development of specific content for social networks
  • Development of communication materials
  • Communication training for those responsible for studies
  • Organization of press conferences via streaming
  • Media Relations
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Writing informative scripts for videos
  • Recording of resources
  • Locution
  • Video editing and montage
  • Dissemination through various channels


The challenge this year was to reinforce the knowledge of the Spending Review, started last year, and to consolidate the image of an independent body of IWRA. Seeing the results obtained, we can assure that the studies of the Institution generate great debate and that both the press and the citizens echo these evaluations that have as an objective “to spend better, not to spend less”, as the president of AIReF herself assures, Cristina Herrero.

Press conference via streaming of the presentation of Phase II of the Spending Review - 22/07/2020