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Content creation for Banco Sabadell


Banco Sabadell is Spain’s fourth largest private banking group by volume of assets. It is made up of different banks, brands, subsidiary companies and other investee companies. It is a multi-brand and multi-channel organisation with a position in the personal and corporate banking market.

During its more than 130 years of history, it has provided itself with the technological and commercial resources, as well as people, forming a team that already operates in 20 countries.

Challenge:, Banco Sabadell’s website, is a portal with information of interest to large companies, medium-sized companies, SMEs, self-employed and the general public. Viewpoint Communication began to collaborate with the Bank in April 2020 to develop quality content which add value to its clients. To this end, we have created an online editorial staff of journalists with experience in the business sector, SMEs and entrepreneurship who work on the weekly production of articles.

Viewpoint’s main mission is to be very up-to-date in order to identify all the issues that may be relevant to this portal. Therefore, we constantly work to actively listen to the issues that interest employees.At the same time, we work in coordination with the Bank’s Digital Marketing team to decide on the articles to be published, as well as to achieve the right approach to them. Our aim is also to produce in-depth content that will serve as an example for those who read the article, as well as to conduct interviews with different personalities.

In addition, we are committed to brand journalism, as we believe it is one of the best ways for companies to reach their audiences effectively. We want them to add value through communication and we do this by writing about current issues that are of interest to the Bank’s customers.



We carry out an active search for content, both for small and large companies, and for citizens. In this way we manage to write highly relevant content and generate interest and engagement with the Bank’s customers.