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The Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIReF) is a young public institution that began operating in 2014 with the mission of ensuring the sustainability of public finance as a means of ensuring economic growth and the well-being of society. Communication is one of the key elements of AIReF’s strategy, as it is one of the main ways for its reports, recommendations and opinions to have a real impact on its central function of defending the financial sustainability of public administrations and budgetary stability.

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In the first stage, the focus was to make AIReF known among the most specialized audiences and to position it as a key institution in economic matters. As time passes the scope of its actions has increased and therefore the need to significantly expand its knowledge by a wider audience, through an increasing use of new digital tools.



In just a few years, AIReF has built a reputation of objectivity, independence and transparency. The organization has positioned itself as a source of necessary reference when addressing the issues of financial sustainability and stability of public finances. AIReF valuations are especially taken into account in the field of the evolution of the national economy by other public bodies, private entities and the media.